(2) Handi Quilter Truck Event ~ Beyond Meandering: Other Ways to Fill Your Quilt

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DAY #2 Afternoon

Beyond Meandering: Other Ways to Fill Your Quilt
Thurs., April 2

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Is meandering your go-to design? Are you ready to try something new? We’ll explore other
basic background designs, including continuous curve, straight lines, and crosshatching. Learning how to quilt these designs continuously gives you a whole new collection of designs to use for backgrounds, fills and texture on all your quilting projects. From large to small scale, we’ll explore how these great designs can spice up your next quilt.

Topics Include:
• Choosing background fills to accent your design
• Create extra texture with creative fills
• Try out patterns large to small patterns
• Use a grid to keep your pattern consistent
• Adjustable handlebars and HQ Micro Handles tips and tricks